about us | furnishing from start to finish


life is overwhelming, furnishing shouldn’t be.

we believe in making good design accessible.
we believe in empowering people to create beautiful spaces that express their personalities and become the backdrops to their lives.
we champion a band of revolutionary online furniture brands making it possible.
we give people the confidence and permission to unleash their creativity.
we help people create homes they love, beautiful spaces designed for real life.
we are reimagining furnishing, from start to finish. 

the best furniture and decor. curated and personalized for you. 

we’ve curated the best quality and design online brands so you can create a space you are proud of. 

FURNITURE: we start with a neutral set of high-quality, low-cost furniture from direct-to-consumer brands that go together in any space. modern clean lines, beautiful craftsmanship, and timeless style. the bones of your space, designed to live, love and move with you. because the most sustainable option is buying to keep.

DECOR: we curate multiple options of decor for each of your rooms. diverse and eclectic brands, styles for every personality. no searching the entire internet, wondering what goes together, or even what your style is. 

when you're investing in your space, you want it to be perfect. we're here for it. work together with our personalized interior design service to discuss furniture ideas, apartment layout options, and the perfect decor for that end-to-end furnishing solution. 

furniture decor curated online

zero wasted time and hassle.

we are here to save you from the mind-bending nightmare of apartment set-ups past. we can take care of all finding, comparing, choosing, ordering and delivery logistics for your furniture and decor. no more trolling the ends of the internet. we get it - work starts on monday and you really don't have time to deal. we do. let us order everything on your behalf.

from empty to housewarming in one day.

moving to SF? sign up for our SF Beta and we will collect all of your deliveries for you, find a day that works best for you and come over to set up your furniture and decor. we make sure the layout maximizes the potential of your space, and welcome you home, housewarming ready. no more weekends wasted on furniture assembly. yes, game changer. no, this is not a drill.

still want to know more?

feel free to get in touch at ellie@thelandinghome.com - we love answering questions, bouncing around ideas, and most importantly hearing from you!