how it works

#Instahome sounds great but how does this all work?

  • you sign up and we send you a quiz to tell us the basics - the number of rooms, rough dimensions, move-in date, your decor vibes
  • we send you ideas for your space, furniture and decor
  • you choose what you like, ask for alternatives, make the final call
  • we order on your behalf and store everything until your move-in date
  • we come over, assemble furniture, hang the art, water the plants, take away boxes, and style your apartment to perfection

and what do I pay for?

  • you only pay for the furniture and decor items. our service element is free.
  • furniture and decor prices are exactly equal to the prices on brands' own websites. 
  • we order everything, track everything, store it, build it, style it for you for free. think HGTV in real life.

do I have to choose a whole pack? what if I already have a couch?

  • for our (amazing) SF Beta customers, we are building you custom furniture and decor ideas rather than sticking to the packs on our "Explore" page. if you already have some items, just let us know. it's personalized interior plus the install. 

are you only offering Living Room?

  • nope. we've got you covered from living room to dining room to bedrooms and even offices of dreams.

what's the budget?

  • you tell us! we'll make it work. 
  • for what it's worth, setting up a 1 bed apartment from scratch is around $5,000 in IKEA (plus DIY nightmares) and $20,000 from Pottery Barn.

when do i order?

  • our lead time is around 2 weeks pre move in date. just tell us your date and we'll work back from there.
  • we're happy to do 1 or 2 move in days. for example, if you want to order furniture first and add decor later.

D I D  W E  M I S S  A N Y T H I N G ?

just shoot us an email at, we love hearing from you!